Beware the Razok Manitoba Heating and Cooling A/C Air Duct Cleaning Scam!

So at this point in my life having come across countless scams either personally

or through friends and family,

I figured my scam meter aka spider senses was pretty well tuned. Oh how wrong I was.

Our A/C has been running great but we have seen the ads a few times in Kijiji Winnipeg

on line for A/C duct cleaning from this one company Razok Manitoba Heating and Cooling

stating "will clean for beer why pay up to $149"

We figured it is probably mostly just an opportunity for the company to try and sell

you the more expensive treatments or products or ask for another case of 24

Being in sales I felt confident that I could reject an offer they threw at me, no matter

how good the offer or how dire my situation was claimed to be.

But for a case of 24 (First clue that it was a scam) we figured why not get them cleaned and then

just ignore whatever the crook Joe Rozak tells me is wrong because it is probably just a lie.

Great plan and it worked perfectly for a time…The A/C guy Joe Rozak arrived wobbling, slurred speech,

smelling of beer unshaven, dirty like someone who hasn't bathed in years drunk like a skunk

he then immediately went through the whole routine of pointing our dirt on my A/C

with beer bottle in hand and belching , burping and not to mention scratching his groin

telling me that the only way to clean it is to replace the ducts or to buy their U/V light machine

that will eliminate all of the mold. Wow, at this point I know

that Joe Rozak is a crook and this is a scam, Joe Rozak asked if we had any liquor and that he could

not proceed without any liquor so my husband brought Joe Rozak a small bottle of red wine Joe Rozak

let out a mighty belch which stunk up the entire room and shouted out "COME TO BUTTHEAD"

then proceeded to drink down the entire bottle of wine in one long gulp

when done he threw the bottle on the floor and said "now that hit the spot"

then Joe Rozak hooked up a big machine to the vent and turned it on

all of a sudden Joe Rozak was making funny noises and the behind of his pants were starting to turn brown

then Joe Rozak said "do you smell that" "that is the smell of mold the u/v light is killing"

my husband pointed to Joe Rozak's behind and said "no that is the smell of someone who crapped his pants"

while this crook Joe Rozak continued to try and sell me stuff by telling me that my whole family and anyone

that encountered them would become infested with mold.

I said “That’s very nice Joe Rozak I am not interested” and told Joe Rozak

"you already infested our house by crapping in your pants"

even after Joe Rozak offered to give me a “special deal”.

Oh but one more smelly thing, Joe Rozak still had a trick up his sleeve or should I say dowwn his pants:

his dark pants had a very large dark spot where Joe Rozak had just peed his pants

the least he could have done was ask to use the bathroom

I guess that this is how technicians mark their territority

My husband said I should let Joe Rozak check

the Freon level in the outside unit to make sure it is full…

Uh duh well I guess that is ok go ahead…and wouldn’t you know it the thing (according to that drunk Joe Rozak)

was 2 lbs low, so Joe Rozak said it was $30 / lb,

now my scam meter is really buzzing but like an *** I say oh well its only $60 go ahead and do it Joe Rozak

When Joe Rozak was leaving Joe said “Your A/C will be cooler now”…more untrue words have never been spoken.

The day after Joe Rozak left the A/C would not hold its temperature and by the end of the day my house was at 80.

Not fun, so I called Joe Rozak back and read the drunk the riot act,

so Joe Rozak sent more drunks out

the next day 2 unwashed dirty and smelling of beer homeless persons pretending

to be professional technicians arrived on a bicycle built for 2.

And guess what they said? I needed to either spend a few THOUSAND dollars replacing the outside unit or

I could pay them $350 to clean the coils.

But they would not do any work till I bought them each a case of 24 budweiser beer and 12 cans of beans

Those were my two options…I gave them a third option…the door and kicked out Joe Razoks drunk bums

So I finally called a couple people I know and we got a good A/C guy to come out, he says that Freon level should

be at 70, so not only did they charge me for 2 lbs at double the going market rate but the a/c smelled of pee

as if someone peed on the unit to try and cool it down, the good a/c guy said that is how they cool a/c units in

Uganda and 3rd world countries by peeing on them

the good a/c guy said I did not need the extra 2 pounds of freon but the crook Joe Rozak should have taken

some out to begin with rather than ripping me off

So beware and don’t even bother getting your A/C ducts cleaned by

Razoks Manitoba Heating and Cooling, the good A/C guy says that its pointless and laughhed at how Joe Rozak

crapped and peed his pants and was happy to hear how i kicked out Joe Rozaks drunk homeless technicians

the good a/c guy did say better just to wait until they get fully used and replace them yourself

Live and learn, the ad was on Kijiji Winnipeg that I called make sure you do not make the same mistake!

and what ever you do not offer these drunks any liquor or they will just *** and pee their pants

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #802918

is this story for real? why would you let someone in your house to pay them in beer?..

to Anonymous Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #888251

this is a complete fasbrication as anyone can tell in just the first few sentences. nothing about the alleged complaint is true

to common sense #984354

Sounds like the competition doesn't like Joe's prices. Too cheap for the gouging they have been providing Manitoban's for years.

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